Meet our qualified and experienced

Clinical Dental Technicians


Meet our qualified and experienced Clinical Dental Technicians

Here are all the members of our team you will meet when you visit us at Havering Denture Studio

There are only 300 qualified Clinical Dental Technicians across England and we have 3 here working alongside each other at Havering Denture Studio. What is a Clinical Dental Technician? A Clinical Dental Technician is a Dental Technician who has undergone further training to provide dentures directly to the public without you having to see your dentist first. Dental Technicians are allowed to make dentures on prescription of a dentist, never actually seeing the patient themselves. However Clinical Dental Technicians are able to take impressions and go through all of the various appointments necessary to construct your dentures, therefore the same person you see for your appointments personally constructs your denture themselves making them totally tailored to you.


Clinical Dental Technician
General Dental Council registration number 116299
Peter has over 40 years experience in Dental Technology and has been successfully running Havering Denture Studio for over 35 years. He was one of the first Clinical Dental Technicians to register with the General Dental Council.
Peter has trained a number of student Dental Technicians and Clinical Dental Technicians through their apprenticeships, many of whom have gone on to open their own practices. He has also trained his daughter (Laura) who works alongside him at Havering Denture Studio.
Peter attends many training courses as well as the annual dental exhibition so that Havering Denture Studio offers the most advanced and up to date treatment available.


Clinical Dental Technician
General Dental Council registration number 117282
Laura has been working at Havering Denture Studio since 2004. She started as an apprentice Dental Technician, completing her foundation degree in 2007. She then went straight on to train as a Clinical Dental Technician at the George Brown College in Toronto Canada. Making her the youngest Clinical Dental Technician ever to register with the General Dental Council.
Laura is constantly continuing her training in all areas of the dental field, in 2017 she attended Dr Finlay Suttons two day masterclass on Personalised Dentures, he is one of the leading removable denture specialists in the world.

Jody Tredgett

Practice Manager
General Dental Council registration number 164395
Jody has been working in the dental industry for over 30 years. She trained at the Royal London Hospital as a dental nurse gaining both her hospital qualification and national qualification in dental nursing. Jody was working in the prosthetics department and wanted to expand her knowledge in that field. She gained her BTec National Diploma in Dental Technology in 1999.
Since qualifying Jody has worked at numerous dental laboratories and dental surgeries gaining experience in all areas of the dental field. She has now returned to her main passion, dentures and is taking excellent care of our patients as the practice manager here Havering Denture studio.

What to expect when you visit us

If you have decided to go ahead and have a denture made by us at Havering Denture Studio here is a guide as to what you can expect at each visit. We take our time to make sure that your denture is as good as it possibly can be therefore there are several stages in denture construction resulting in around 6 appointments.

FIRST APPOINTMENT a full oral inspection is carried out, a treatment plan is compiled and first impressions are taken in order to create models and custom made impression trays.

SECOND IMPRESSIONS some more impressions are taken using the custom made special trays for greater accuracy.

BITE REGISTRATION your precise biting position is recorded. The colour, shape and size of the teeth are also selected (it is helpful to bring along any old photographs you may have showing your teeth at this visit).

TRY IN the individually selected teeth are set up in wax and put in the mouth so you can see exactly what your new dentures will look like. The Clinical Dental Technician will do lots of checks to ensure the teeth are in the correct position so they will both look and feel great. This appointment will be repeated if any changes need to be made.

FINAL FIT at this appointment you will have your new dentures fitted. They are adjusted to give the optimum fit and you will be told how best to clean and look after your new dentures.

REVIEW most people will need a review after a week to assess how you are getting on with your dentures and to make any final adjustments once they have started to settle.

Any questions? Call us today to speak to one of our experienced team here at Havering Denture Studio 01708 474044

Rachel Canning
Rachel Canning
First class service as always. Really friendly and efficient team. Can always rely on them in an emergency.
june atkins
june atkins
The staff were very friendly and helpful, I felt very comfortable during my visits, I felt I was given privacy and listened to. I am extremely happy with my result, thank you for restoring my smile.
Tracey Rayner
Tracey Rayner
My mum's dentures were lost when she went into hospital - we could not get an NHS appt for at least 1 month and then she would not have had her dentures for another 10 weeks. Havering Denture Studio booked her in the same day, and in less than 2 weeks, she had 3 appointments, and her denture were fitted. The staff were really friendly and helpful, my mum has dementia and they treated her with kindness and consideration.????
Steve White
Steve White
Our own dentist was offering little help so we decided to contact these guys, what a great decision! Our elderly companion can now chew his food again without problems, nearly a new man! Cannot recommend there professional/personal service enough.
Kim Barti
Kim Barti
Excellent service and great product..worth the extra for a comfy fit..will return for the lower jaw.
Avril Foley
Avril Foley
I phoned up as my elderly Mums dentures had broken and was told that if I could bring them in they could be fixed within an hour and they were. Thank you for a superb service.
Leigh Brame
Leigh Brame
Fantastic place the dentist was so kind and patient. I'm going back to get more work done. Never been treated so kind.
sarah boem
sarah boem
Fitted an extra tooth to my denture within a couple of hours and was perfect
Phoned up at 9.00 as I had broken my front crown! Wanted a tooth added to my partial denture instead of a new crown. Was given a 12.30 appointment , was seen early , impressions taken , denture ready by 4.00 Fantastic service and very reasonably priced I will recommend Havering Dental Studio 100% Thank you I can smile again