From a one tooth denture to a complete full denture
we offer all types of dentures


From a one tooth denture to a complete full denture we offer all types of dentures

Denture services

New dentures in just one week

If you have lost your denture or some natural teeth we can make new dentures in just a week, sometimes even quicker depending on how many teeth are missing. We make everything in our on-site laboratory so can offer the quickest turnaround time possible.

Implant Retained Dentures
Dental implants are suitable for almost anyone who struggles with loose, uncomfortable dentures. If you have difficulty eating what you want and are fed up of using sticky denture adhesives dental implants could be the solution to restoring both your confidence and smile. With dental implants your dentures will be smaller, more comfortable and won’t move!
Complete Dentures
Are for people that no longer have any natural teeth. Not wearing any dentures or wearing dentures that are worn out can really affect the entire shape of the mouth and face. By restoring the teeth you will be able to eat and smile again.
Partial Dentures
Even if you have just got a few teeth missing it is important to have them replaced. A partial denture consists of a metal or plastic plate with a number of false teeth attached. A partial denture can restore your smile, prevent your remaining teeth from moving and make eating more comfortable as well as preventing further damage to your remaining teeth.
Duplicate/Copy Dentures
If you have dentures that you are happy with we can copy them exactly so that no-body will know you have had a new set apart from you. They will fit like a new denture but will look exactly the same as your previous set.
Cobalt Chrome (metal) Dentures
Are dentures that have a metal framework; this makes them much stronger than an acrylic denture. Chrome dentures are smaller, thinner and more streamlined meaning that people find them much more comfortable and easier to get used to.
Flexible dentures
Are made from a slightly flexible nylon material instead of acrylic. Because they are flexible they can be used to replace a small number of teeth without needing to cover the palate. They are also ideal for anybody that has an acrylic allergy.
Strengthening bars
If you have a problem with your dentures breaking but don’t like the idea of a metal plate then a strengthening bar can make your denture much stronger without affecting the feel of your denture. The metal strengthening bars are buried deep inside the acrylic so you won’t even know it’s there.
Tooth or gum coloured clasps
Clasps are a great way to stabilize a partial denture but sometimes these clasps can be visible. Tooth or gum coloured clasps blend in with your natural teeth meaning that you get the stability of clasps without compromising on looks.
Home visits
We understand that it is not always possible or easy for all of our customers to come to our clinic; therefore we offer a home visit service. We can arrange for our father and daughter team come and visit you in the comfort of your own home.
Additions of missing teeth the same day
If you loose a natural tooth, a crown or bridge and need an extra tooth/teeth added to your denture this can be done within a few hours. An appointment is required to take a small impression and then we take care of the rest.
Cleaning and polishing of dentures the same day
Despite cleaning your dentures daily sometimes dentures build up stains and plaque the same as your natural teeth do. Our clean and polish service is a deep clean for your dentures that takes about 3 hours, your dentures will look and feel much cleaner.

Our on-site dental laboratory enables us to offer the quickest turnaround time possible

Night guards are worn at night to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding which can cause a lot of damage to your natural teeth over time. A close fitting layer of soft rubber is molded around either your top or bottom teeth to stop your teeth from touching when you sleep. By wearing a guard at night you can sleep knowing that your teeth are protected.
Gum shields or sports mouth guards are worn to protect your teeth during any sporting activity. Our gum shields are available in a big selection of different colours and designs. We can even customise one to match your kit. The main advantage to having a gum shield made by us is that it will have a secure fit and be comfortable to wear, leaving you to concentrate on your game.

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Rachel Canning
Rachel Canning
First class service as always. Really friendly and efficient team. Can always rely on them in an emergency.
june atkins
june atkins
The staff were very friendly and helpful, I felt very comfortable during my visits, I felt I was given privacy and listened to. I am extremely happy with my result, thank you for restoring my smile.
Tracey Rayner
Tracey Rayner
My mum's dentures were lost when she went into hospital - we could not get an NHS appt for at least 1 month and then she would not have had her dentures for another 10 weeks. Havering Denture Studio booked her in the same day, and in less than 2 weeks, she had 3 appointments, and her denture were fitted. The staff were really friendly and helpful, my mum has dementia and they treated her with kindness and consideration.????
Steve White
Steve White
Our own dentist was offering little help so we decided to contact these guys, what a great decision! Our elderly companion can now chew his food again without problems, nearly a new man! Cannot recommend there professional/personal service enough.
Kim Barti
Kim Barti
Excellent service and great product..worth the extra for a comfy fit..will return for the lower jaw.
Avril Foley
Avril Foley
I phoned up as my elderly Mums dentures had broken and was told that if I could bring them in they could be fixed within an hour and they were. Thank you for a superb service.
Leigh Brame
Leigh Brame
Fantastic place the dentist was so kind and patient. I'm going back to get more work done. Never been treated so kind.
sarah boem
sarah boem
Fitted an extra tooth to my denture within a couple of hours and was perfect
Phoned up at 9.00 as I had broken my front crown! Wanted a tooth added to my partial denture instead of a new crown. Was given a 12.30 appointment , was seen early , impressions taken , denture ready by 4.00 Fantastic service and very reasonably priced I will recommend Havering Dental Studio 100% Thank you I can smile again